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Carey School of Basketball and First Look Forward to debut After-school Program

DATE: June 12th, 2018

CONTACT: Rudy Carey

PHONE: 720.495.0107

Denver, Colorado – Carey School of Basketball in association with First Look Forward is thrilled to announce the presentation of it’s after-school program at St. Charles Recreation Center & Carla Madison Recreation Center. Carey School of Basketball and First Look forward will debut the after-school Program October 2018.

The after-school program will provide a continuum of support focused around Carey School of Basketball & First Look Forward principles: goal setting, teamwork, dedication, grit, resiliency and making healthy choices; To directly impact those whom are destined for college with academic preparedness and socio-emotional balance; Providing marketplace skill-sets directly impacting the number of "job-ready" employable inner-city youth for those whom college may not be an option.

Carey School of Basketball founder, and legendary Denver High School basketball coach Rudy Carey states that, “After working in the Denver community as a teacher and coach for the past 40 years, my commission, with CSB, is to bring about renewed efforts to enhance the lives of the disenfranchised youth in our community. The children in the community are eager to have programs like this that provide them with the tools and resources to develop into productive members of society. I am truly honored to have one of my former players join me in this new venture. It is my hope that we will be as successful in this as we were on the basketball court. He has great leadership skills and even greater vision.” An awareness and excitement was created by Rudy Carey, his kids who are educators and one of his former star athletes.

While discussing the impact of the after-school program on the students and overall effect on the community, First Look Forward founder Rudy Germany stated that, “It is an honor and a privilege to partner with one of my mentors in life...who also happened to be my high school basketball coach. To me...working with his children on an initiative of this significance emulates the kind of legacy that our community so desperately needs.” Germany is the Chief Strategy Officer for First Look Forward, a TV/Film Producer and also has a master’s degree in education.

The after-school program will provide curriculums in the following: Athletic Skills Training, ACT/SAT Prep, Parenting Through the Recruiting Process, Intro to IT (Including Coding), Media Arts, Appropriate use of Social Media, Marketing 101, The Art of Philanthropy, Careers in Construction, Culinary, Cosmetology (Including Barber) and Real Estate on a daily basis.

Carey School of Basketball teacher and coach, David Carey stated that, “After working with kids in the community, I can truly say that without programs like this we are underserving the youth and missing out on opportunities to educate the leaders of our future. Watching these students develop and excel by applying the information they are learning from these programs will be inspirational, impactful and rewarding. Carey School of Basketball and First Look Forward are very grateful for the opportunity to share our vision and commitment to the community.” David Carey is a high school basketball coach and also has a master’s degree in The Science of Leadership of Business.

Carey School of Basketball and First Look Forward offers after-school programs to elementary, middle, and high school students in the areas of life through sports, healthy choices, life after athletics, job readiness, college preparedness and social emotional health. For more information on the Carey School of Basketball and First Look Forward and its after-school programs, please contact Carey School of Basketball at (720) 495-0107.

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